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Prove everything

The Bible teaches us that the wise thing to do is to 'prove' or 'test' and we see this happening in all areas of life and faith. There are all sorts of 'tests' and 'trials' going on in our world today and these are necessary for a whole host of reasons. As well as our faith being tested by life and circumstances we also face up to spiritual enemies who test our minds. In both cases we need to be in the strength of Christ, not relying on ourselves, in order to overcome and get through. Having the Scriptures as our foundation for truth gives us a solid rock on which to make a stand against evil people and powers that want to deceive and steal from us. As a believer we should take Jesus' words to heart when he says: "It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" (Matt 4:4; Luke 4:4).

The reason we need EVERY WORD is that this gives us all we need to overcome the tests that come at us and to do His will. His Word is the power of creation and is full of light and life. Jesus' main message was for mankind to 'repent' or 'change' the way we think about life, God and the future. He calls us to focus on the Kingdom of Heaven (The Pearl) where the Father of all dwells, because the kingdoms of this world are failing the test they are proving false. Satan the god of this world can only destroy, he has no power to create, but only to manipulate those whom God gave the power to have dominion over the earth - us! Sadly men have turned to deceptive fables of their own devising rather than to God's Word revealed in the Scriptures through the prophets and apostles. This has consequences, not because God wants this, but because if you invite destruction you get it!

Despite all the troubles and trials throughout history God Almighty made an indestructible plan of salvation that would save the remnant of children that would believe in his Son. This is the Good News of the Gospel, but bad news for the kings and rulers of this world and for Satan and his hordes. We need God's wisdom in his Word everyday, just as we need to eat everyday or else we become weak and open to disease or deception.

Have you found the Pearl of Great Price? are you in the Kingdom of Heaven?

The books of the Bible are our 'Pearls of Wisdom', the way to have victory now and into eternity! Theologames encourages players to look again at the Bible and the 66 books or scrolls that form the Canon of Christian Scripture. The mysteries of the universe are contained in it and yet we spend so little time there, searching! This game enables players to gain a better understanding of the context and relevance of the scrolls of Scripture, helping us learn more about the Lord Almighty.

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